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DVBViewer Pro Multilingual Incl Crack+Key

Pradėjo andrius.semas, 2013-07-16 19:27:34

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DVBViewer is proprietary, commercial software for viewing & recording of DVB TV & Radio utilising a TV tuner card or box and a Media Center for viewing Music, Video and Pictures. Among its other features are an electronic program guide (EPG), remote control support, on-screen display, teletext, time shifting and picture-in-picture. Besides the support for BDA adapters, there is also the ability to use the Hauppauge MediaMVP with DVBViewer. The software also allows Unicable, DiSEqC and usage of CI-Modules with most adapters. The worldwide charge for the application is 15 euro or 22 US Dollars. Additional functions such as video on demand, TV series and movie management, home network distribution of TV to network devices including iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad & Android devices (with additional remote control features), and a recording service with web interface are provided by free plugins. An MHEG-5 plugin is also available with payment of 10 euro license fee.

DVBViewer was the first windows application with HDTV support, right after the Euro 1080 started its transmission via satellite.It also was one of the first alternative applications supporting the DVB-S2 broadcast standard and being compatible to most tuner cards supporting this standard using BDA, a standardized driver interface for digital video capture developed by Microsoft. Therefore it presented itself as a valuable replacement for the manufacturers bundled software, often only providing fundamental functionality.The current version allows to use Sat>IP on the client- and also on the server side.

Website:-  www.dvbviewer.com



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